EnergyCAN for Organisations

Energy bills can represent a major cost for a wide range of organisations across rural Northumberland including  community buildings, pubs, other community organisations and commercial businesses.

CAN is therefore proud to offer EnergyCAN for  Organisations - a bulk buying syndicate open to any community organisation or business.  The idea is that by pooling their purchasing power, organisations are able to negotiate lower tarrifs for their electricity and gas supplies.

CAN has teamed up with LSI Energy, a leading UK energy broker with more than 20 years experience in energy.  LSI's trained staff will search the markets an behalf of the syndicate to find the best possible deal on a no-obligation basis. Once a member organisation decides to accept the deal, LSI will arrange the contract and facilitate the switch to the new supplier.  The contract will have the same renewal date for all members of the syndicate, giving even greater negotiating power in future years.

In addition to benefiting from reduced bills, members of the scheme will know they are supporting the charitable work of CAN at no cost to themselves, as we will receive a small amount of commission for each contract that is accepted.

64 organisations have already joined up to the scheme, and are experiencing significant savings in their energy bills.  As more organisations join EnergyCAN the greater our combined purchasing power will increase which means lower prices for all!.

How to join

If you would like to find out how much you can save by joining the scheme, contact LSI directly via one of the following methods:

Telephone: 01727 877 020 or 0800 019 9595


Online Electricity Enquiry

Online Gas Enquiry

Be sure to:

  • have latest copies of your energy bills as they will be needed to undertake your no obligation quote. 
  • mention EnergyCAN to ensure you benefit from the lower prices availale to the syndicate.

Even if you still have time left to run on your contract, contact LSI Energy NOW! LSI have a dedicated team of Account Managers who track the market and contact their customers at the best time to compare the market for new prices. Don’t spend your time worrying about when to contact the energy suppliers – let LSI take care of this for you.

What Happens Next?

Once LSI has been provided with everything requested they will analyse your usage then send you a personalised cost analysis and advise you on the best way forward.

If you accept, you will be given a dedicated Account Manager who deals with any change of supplier that is necessary, accepting the quote and setting up the contract on your behalf. LSI deals with any billing queries that you may have during the contract and will notify you in good time before the contract end date so that new quotes can be obtained.