Hallmaster on-line booking and invoicing services

Developed in close conjunction with Village Hall Committee Members, Hallmaster is designed to alleviate the common problems Village volunteers have in managing their bookings & invoices

Online booking and invoicing is now very much part of our everyday lives. People expect to be able to view availability and book directly through their computer or mobile phone. So that Village Halls and Community Centres don't get left behind, Hallmaster has developed the most advanced and easy to use Booking Management and Invoicing System, specifically designed to save you time, promote room availability and increase revenue.

Hallmaster easily integrates into your website, promoting real-time online availability and current events to a wider audience, and therefore generate much needed self-funding.

Hallmaster has an agreement with ACRE and the national network of rural community councils.  This means that community buildings that are members of Community Action Northumberland,  the West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium or the North Northumberland Village Halls Consortium will now get a discount each year off the annual fee when they sign up to use the Hallmaster System.

What Hallmaster will do for;

The Bookings Officer:
- Internet based, with NO Software to download or updates to apply
- Can easily integrate with existing websites
- Reduces workload
- Allows for Multiple Users to have access to the Hall bookings
- Automated Emails for confirmations and messages
- Additional Invoicing & Payment Tracking module converts bookings into invoices
- Support via telephone and email
- Annual price covers unlimited bookings and upgrades

The Event Organiser:
- Helps find your perfect Hall or Venue
- View realtime room availability
- Make a booking request 24/7
- Displays your contact and event, class or meeting details publicly where required

The Local Community:
- Up to date calendar displays What's On at your Hall or Venue
- Gives details and contact information for public events, classes or meetings
- Increases the profile and viability of your Community Buildings

How do I access Hallmaster?

Visit the Hallmaster website for more information and supporting brochures.