EnergyCAN for Residential Consumers

In recent years, it seems that the news constantly features items about the high costs of domestic electricity and gas bills and the impact that these have, on low income households in particular.

As part of our programme to address fuel poverty, CAN has introduced EnergyCAN for Residential Consumers: an energy switching service which aims to support households of any income, to find the best deals available on electricity and gas supplies.  The scheme is offered in partnership with Energyswitcheroo. 

To find out if you can achieve savings through the scheme go to

There is a simple 4 step process to follow and a help desk is available if needed. 

As well as reducing their own fuel bills, members of EnergyCAN will be supporting our fuel poverty  work at no cost to themselves.   CAN will receive a small commission for each home, community group or business that signs up and any income derived will be used to help us continue our charitable work.