Our Vision

Rural communities in Northumberland will be vibrant, inclusive and sustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to benefit and help sustain rural communities in Northumberland by:

  • Promoting Rural Issues – Providing and supporting a ‘rural voice’ to influence policy, programmes and action.
  • Empowering Communities – Supporting and developing local communities, their key groups and organisations.
  • Delivering solutions – Identifying, developing and managing projects to address the needs of individuals.
  • Addressing climate change – delivering projects and influencing behaviours to help meet climate action requirements.

Our Values

CAN’s core values are based on:

  • A consistent and absolute commitment to rural communities.
  • Enabling rural communities to shape their own future.
  • Being flexible and responsive to change.
  • Continually learning as an organisation and delivering exemplar activities.
  • An inclusive approach across all Northumberland’s rural residents.
  • Working with integrity, openness and a genuine passion to help Northumberland’s rural communities thrive.