Opportunity to Tender– Installation of Solar Panels and Battery Storage

7th Jun 2024

Opportunity to Tender– Installation of Solar Panels and Battery Storage

An opportunity has arisen to tender for the installation of solar panels and battery storage, along with all associated works to connect the installation to the building’s electrical system and to the grid, across a number of community buildings in Northumberland.

The work is part of our ongoing plan to install renewable energy generation on over 100 community buildings across the county through Northumberland Community Energy Ltd.

We have previously contracted for the delivery of an outline assessment of the potential for solar panels and battery storage for each building and information from this work is available on request. Whilst we are not wedded to any specific supplier or configuration, this information should be used as a guide. Any significant changes to this configuration must be justified and compliant with planning requirements. Any options available to us of different levels of generation or storage should be described with details of cost implications.

We anticipate funding the following installations:

Building Barrasford Village Hall, NE48 4AJ
Solar generation (minimum) 10 kWp
Battery storage (minimum) 20 kWh

Building Newton & Bywell Community Hall, NE43 7UL
Solar generation (minimum) 10 kWp
Battery storage (minimum) 10 kWh

Building Creighton Memorial Hall, NE66 3UP
Solar generation (minimum) 10 kWp
Battery storage (minimum) 10 kWh

Building Lesbury Community Shop, NE66 3AX
Solar generation (minimum) 3 kWp
Battery storage (minimum) 5 kWh

Building Tarset Village Hall, NE48 1NT
Solar generation (minimum) 9 kWp
Battery storage (minimum) 10 kWh

We have also confirmed the planning situation for each building and these are also available on request.

All works must comply with planning rules and all other applicable regulation.

The requirement is for:

  • Technical survey of the building to capture any changes since the initial outline assessment and ensure the building is suitable for the installation;
  • Development of a detailed installation plan;
  • Securing DNO approval for the installation, allowing export of excess energy to the grid once installed;
  • Supply of solar panels, batteries, inverter(s) and all associate equipment required to complete the installation;
  • Installation and connection of the equipment;
  • Maintenance support as required for a period of a minimum of 24 months, including an electrical check at the end of this period.

Your proposal should include all costs for equipment, labour, travel, certifications, connection costs and any other costs you identify as required to complete the installation. If any elements require further clarification, please indicate this in your response and note any assumptions you have made. It will not be possible to arrange access to the building on the timescales required for detailed surveys, so this activity has been included in the tender requirements, to be carried out post contract award.

The deadline for receipt of quotations is Friday 21st June at midday. Your response should include a separate price for each building and be sent to simon@ruraldesigncentre.com and copying andydean@ca-north.org.uk

Responses will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Suitability of technical submission, including ability to meet required timescales (40%)
  • Cost (40%)
  • Track record of similar projects (20%)
  • We also note the recent reports associating the suppliers JA Solar, Trina and Qcells with forced labour practices in Xinjiang province, China. We reserve the right to take such reports into account when making a final decision, given our commitment to ethical supply chain practices.