Will your next workplace visitor have an Electric Vehicle?

11th Apr 2022

Will your next workplace visitor have an Electric Vehicle?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles champions the take-up of electric vehicles and support the development of a chargepoint infrastructure across the UK. Charities with parking have a key part to play in helping provide a chargepoint infrastructure and helping us all meet the UK’s climate commitments.  The Government is now offering them help to do so.

The world is changing, electric cars are replacing the internal combustion engine. The last two years have seen a massive surge in Electric Vehicle sales. They now outsell diesel cars, and the second-hand market is growing. In 2030 every new car sold will be zero emission. The introduction of ultra-low emission zones, the phase-out of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, and the environmental benefits of going electric will continue to accelerate their uptake.

Community buildings and charity premises will be able to attract visitors and guests who own EV’s. Investing in simple 7kW chargepoints that allow drivers to top up their vehicles during their visit, will support the transition from fossil fuels and future proof sites for years to come. Installing chargepoints can also help charities provide support to their local communities in their transition.

For a limited time, grants of up to £350 will be available to charities to provision their parking spaces with EV chargepoints. These will cover up to 75% of the cost of buying and installing a chargepoint. A grant will be available for each parking space provided with a chargepoint socket, with every charity able to claim up to 40 grants.

How can charities access the grant?

The grant is provided using the Workplace Charging Scheme. To access it, charities should:

To apply, charities will need to be registered with Companies House, have a VAT number or be a registered charity as defined in our guidance.