• CAN Community Appeal – ‘Spread the Warmth’ and donate your Winter Fuel Payment

    Posted 14th Nov 2019

    CAN have launched a new appeal asking people to ‘Spread the Warmth’ and donate their Winter Fuel Payment to us to help others in fuel poverty. You’ll be joining a growing number of contributors who already donate some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment to CAN each year to support our fuel poverty and energy efficiency work targeted at helping local people struggling to heat their homes through Winter. — Read more.

  • Are you off-grid for electricity?

    Posted 11th Nov 2019

    Ofgem is carrying out a call for evidence for households who are not connected to the electricity distribution network, which we know at CAN is an issue for a significant number of Northumberland residents. — Read more.

  • Bookings open for CAN AGM

    Posted 8th Oct 2019

    CAN’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 4 November 2019 at Blanchland Village Hall. — Read more.

  • Ofgem board spend the day with Warm Hubs

    Posted 2nd Sep 2019

    Earlier this summer CAN hosted a day with the board of Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets, to see our Warm Hubs project in action. The day started with a visit to the Warm Hub at Stocksfield Tuesday club with lunch cooked by local volunteers. Over 25 local older residents attended and enjoyed sausage casserole and trifle, along with 6 members of Ofgem including the Chief Executive Officer Dermot Nolan. — Read more.

  • Community-led Housing support enters new phase

    Posted 11th Aug 2019

    A new grant has been secured to underpin the development of our community-led housing hub over the next 2 years and into the future. — Read more.